Membership Benefits and Services

The Memorial Society of Northeast New Jersey offers many services and benefits
to members when they are faced with a time of stress and loss.

A joint will is probably the best solution for the majority of married couples.
This enables each of you to write your own distinct wishes without having to pay for two
separate wills, which would otherwise be necessary.
When dealing with more complicated connections, a trust may be a preferable choice.
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Choice of Services

  • Direct cremation
      The Funeral Director will pick up and transport the body,
      without embalming it in a combustible container to the crematorium.
           NOTE: The cost of the cremation is not included
                        in the funeral home agreed-to price.
  • Direct burial
      The Funeral Director will place the body, without embalming,
      in a modest casket and transport it to the cemetery for burial.
          NOTE: Charges for the cemetery plot, grave liner [if required], and
                       opening and closing of the grave are not included
                       in the Funeral Director's price
  • Cremation with funeral services

  • Burial with funeral services

  • Donation of body to medical school
       The Society can provide information on body or organ donation.


  • Peace of Mind
       By pre-planning their funeral arrangements, you can
       have the confidence that their family will know your wishes.
  • Satisfaction
       As an informed funeral consumer, you can plan a service which
       reflects your wishes, cultural and religious background, and your budget.
  • Savings
       Agreements with a number of locally-owned funeral businesses
       that offer our members savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars
        on their funeral arrangements.
  • Security
       By pre-planning but not pre-paying any funeral arrangements,
       you can avoid costly pre-need death-insurance policies.
  • Simplicity
       Our one-page pre-arrangement membership form makes it easy
       to state your wishes and helps your family to carry them out.
          One phone call in the time of need to the chosen funeral home
          puts the plan into action.
  • Information
       The Memorial Society has many free pamphlets
       offering information on death-related issues (click on Publications),
       a semi-annual newsletter, and
       an Annual Meeting with interesting speakers.
  • Assistance
       All members receive the brochure Putting Your House in Order,
       which is helpful in organizing important papers,
       policies, and information to share with the family.
  • Services Not Covered
    • Cemetery plots or expenses
    • Funeral home use for funeral/memorial services
    • Additional death certificates
    • Obituaries
    • Urns

  • Sorry, but we are not a source of financial help for people in need of death-
    related assistance. Charities, churches, synagogues, and county governments
    may offer help.